A lovely day of afternoon of floating around in an electric longboat on the river Maas near Appeltern and the waters of the Gouden Ham.

Driving a longboat is surprisingly easy to do. For protection against the elements all 7 longboats are equipped with a convertible hood, which is easy to attach to the longboat.

Rental prices
Riverside Outdoor & Events takes care of renting out the boats to you.
– Canoe (Half day trip € 17,50, whole day € 25)
– Sailboat (half day trip € 60, for a whole day € 75)
– Electrical longboat (“fluisterboot”) (Half day € 115, whole day €140)
– “Giethoornse Picknickpunter” (Half day € 52,50, whole day € 67,50)

Picnic basket
Would you like to have a picnic basket during your trip?
Moeke Mooren makes the most delicious picnic baskets for the summer.

Picnic basket 1
Sandwich with ham,
Sandwich with cheese
Raisin bread
1 piece of fresh fruit
€ 9,50 per person

Picnic basket 2
Waldcorn bun with brie
Baguette with smoked salmon
Beef and potato salad.
1 piece of fresh fruit
Coffee, Fresh orange juice
€ 13,50 per person

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