Culture & Museums

The Land of Maas and Waal is rich in culture and has lots of museums. In the Land of Maas and Waal are a number of monumental properties, which have a rich history, situated.

Museum Tweestromenland
The story of how the area between the Maas and the Waal has developed form the stone age all the way up to the 20th century is being told in Museum Tweestromenland in Beneden-Leeuwen.

Stoomgemaal De Tuut
Stoomgemaal De Tuut in Appeltern is a Industrial monument built in 1918, It is the only steam pumping station of this type, in Gelderland, that is still working. The steam pumping station used to be an important weapon in the battle against the water. This battle goes back all the way to the Middle ages and was officially started by count Reinoud van Gelre in 1321.

Castle Hernen
You can experience the impression of the old stones of this wonderful castle for yourself, due to the fact that various room are not decorated. In the tower, you can even touch the 500 years old roof beams. The origin of the castle is situated in a number of defensible houses that where built against the inner walls of the defensive wall. On top of the wall, on de wall walk, is sheltered and covered, thanks to the roofs of the houses.

Ruin of Batenburg
An impressive ruin of one of the oldest castles in Gelderland. You have the opportunity to view the ruin with a guide. The surroundings of the castle also provide great opportunities for you to take a walk. Nearby the ruin are duck cages and the beautiful floodplain.

Art route  Maas and Waal
The art route is a route of approximately 35 kilometers, along which you can see over 30 green transformer cabinets, who have all been painted in an artistic and educative way. Together these cabinets have formed a route through the various art movements in the history of art.