Inn De Stoep is situated in a beautiful area to explore on your bike. Nearby De Stoep you can find Moeke Mooren, which is an official transfer point in the biking route network. Of course, you can use our wonderful establishment as a starting point or as the endpoint of your journey.

What will you see while biking through the area?
– dikes and lovely views of the area
– A wonderful waterscape
– Picturesque little towns
– A great variety of water and singing birds.
– Herds of fire red cattle
– a variety in vegetation full of magnificent colors

Biking stop
Within the  biking route network of the so called “rivierengebied” Moeke Mooren is one of the touristic transfer points. By using this biking network you can easily cycle various routes which start from 10 kilometers per route. By following the numbered nodes it is easy to complete each route. On every node where different routes are crossing each other there information panels from which you can determine how to proceed on you trip.