Touristic places
Rates per overnight stay:
Comparison rate 2 people, caravan, electricity, car30,25
Caravan, tent or camper16,00
Backpacking tent10,00
Adults from 13 years3,25
Child 3 – 12 years old1,50
Connection to electricity4,00
Digital cable TV2,00
Small boat dock6,00
Large boat dock10,00
Dog on a leash4,00
Prices incl. Tourist tax, free shower and WIFI

seniors 65+ discount: 10%

Touristic packages

Ascension Pentecost30-04/16-05325,00
Peak season02-07/03-09990,00
After season03-09/29-10350,00
Short season17-05/01-101.290,00
Long season26-03/01-101.680,00
The packages are all-in, free shower, for family or 4 people

Chalet places

Directly by the water2.090,00
Near watercourse including space for one boot 1.960,00
On field of tents1.860,00
Other places1.765,00
– 4 persons– winter period300,00
– dirt discharge– mobile home tourist tax180,00
– use of showers– tourist caravan tourist tax120,00
– berth small245,00
– large berth435,00
– boat pole120,00
– stalling trailer/boot60,00
– elektra per Kwh0,35
– water per m³4,25


You can reserve by telephone or via our website, but a visit to our campsite is also possible.

Camping rules apply.