The history of Inn De Stoep goes back to the year 1914. Back then, the building was used as a steam pumping station called Blauwe Sluijs. According to the book “In de ban van Maas en Waal” the steam pumping station, which was equipped with a centrifugal pump, and the steam pumping station on the Rijkse Sluis took care of draining the Oude Wetering together. As it seemed, it never really functioned the way it was supposed to, the water was already finding its way through the Rijkse Sluis in the direction of Alphen. That is one of the reason that it was decided in the sixties, to proceed with diesel pump, like Bloemers next to the Tuut, and it has lost its function as a steam pumping station.

After the building had been empty for years, Jos van Gruijthuijsen bought the building. In the seventies he re-build into a bar and dancing facility called De Stoep. Until the early 2000’s De Stoep was a well know place-to-be, if you wanted to go out and have a good time, not in Maas en Waal but also in the rest of the country. Nu the Gruijshuijsen family has completely renovated to place and turned it into a luxurious holiday house for groups up to 28 persons.