Steam pumping station De Tuut

Visit the only preserved steam pumping station in the Gelderland river area.

Steam pumping station De Tuut in Appeltern is an industrial monument from 1918, the only working steam pumping station of this type in Gelderland. The pumping station was an important weapon in the fight against water and has made part of the growth and prosperity of the Land van Maas and Waal possible.


Hernen Castle

Hernen Castle is a great base for walking and cycling in the Land van Maas and Waal.

Hernen Castle is located in the village of Hernen, in the Land van Maas en Waal. Hernen Castle has never been destroyed, unlike many other castles in the Netherlands. It has also never undergone major renovation, giving you a good impression of what a medieval castle really looked like.

Batenburg Ruins

An impressive ruin of one of the oldest and most important castles in Gelderland.

Ruin Batenburg was once one of the most important castles in the province. In 1974 it was largely destroyed by French troops. The flora and fauna in the area make this place very special. Near the ruins are a duck decoy, mill and a beautiful flood plain.


De Tuut package

Combine a visit to the De Tuut steam pumping station with an extensive lunch table and cruise.

During your educational visit to Stoomgemaal De Tuut you will receive a tour from a guide who will tell you all about the technique and the history of the pumping station with passion. Then enjoy a nice and extensive Meuse and Walloon lunch table, cruise on the Meuse and fun activity.

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Moeke Mooren takes care of the steam arrangement.

Steam package € 34.00 (adults)

Steam package € 17.00 (children 4-12 years)

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