Relax on the water

Enjoy the recreation and nature reserve De Gouden Ham during a day of sloop sailing.

Spend a day or afternoon floating around with an electric sloop on the Maas at Appeltern and the lakes of De Gouden Ham. Sailing with a sloop is a way to relax on the water. Sailing is surprisingly simple. Along the way you can visit different beaches for swimming or picnics.


Boating package

A day on the water in combination with a delicious dinner De Korenmolen.

Discover De Gouden Ham from the water with an electric sloop. Enjoy a day on the water with family or friends. De Korenmolen organizes a sloop package in combination with sloop sailing including a delicious dinner under the wings of the beautiful restaurant.


Prices & conditions

Riverside Outdoor & Events takes care of the boat rental.

Kano  (half day € 17,50 full day € 25)
Sailboat  (half day € 60, € 75 all day)
Electric sloop (half day € 115 day € 140)
Giethoornse picnic punt  (half day € 52.50, all day € 67.50)

De Korenmolen provides the slogan package.

Sloop package € 63.50  (adults)

Sloop package € 31.75  (children 4-12 years)

Reserve immediately

You can reserve the boat rental at Riverside Outdoor. You can reserve the package at De Korenmolen. Fill in the reservation form and you will receive a confirmation once they have processed your reservation.