Sailing on the Meuse

De Sluizer sails several trips through the beautiful Land van Maas & Waal.

Come aboard the luxury passenger ship De Sluizer. On the Sluizer you can enjoy day trips, boat trips and more. The captain sails you all year round on the Maas past historic cities. He accompanies the tours with interesting facts about the nature reserve, architecture and the passing villages. Discover De Gouden Ham and De Mooringerwaarden.

The Sluizer has an inside & outside deck. You will experience the Maas at its best both in summer and in winter.


Cruise package

Enjoy a beautiful cruise with indoor activity and delicious dinner.

Complete the tour during the most booked outing “Dagje Moeke Mooren”. Cruise through historic towns, the De Gouden Ham recreational area and the De Mooringerwaarden nature reserve. After the cruise you can play an indoor activity and enjoy a delicious 3-course menu at Moeke Mooren.


Prices & conditions

Moeke Mooren takes care of the cruises.

Round trip € 11.00 (adults)

Round trip € 5.50  (children 4-12 years)

Cruise package with dinner € 49.00 (adults)

Round trip arrangement with dinner € 24.50 (children 4-12 years)

Reserve immediately

You can reserve the cruise and the package at Moeke Mooren. Fill in the reservation form and you will receive a confirmation once they have processed your reservation.